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Justification for and development of a course in cultural anthropology to be taught at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Hong Kong. 
Year: 1965 
Call No: T 390.71 Z74j 
Status of women in the thinking of Paul. 
Year: 1933 
Call No: T 396 H94s 
Play and recreation for adolescents. 
Year: 1928 
Call No: T 613.7 S46p 
Recreation program for a young peoples conference. 
Year: 1931 
Call No: T 613.7 T47r 
Aspects of health education in areas served by Bethlehem Center and Centenary Methodist Institute. 
Year: 1935 
Call No: T 614 B16a 
Home demonstration work in the United States. 
Year: 1935 
Call No: T 640 Z64h 
Camping and character 
Year: 1935 
Call No: T 712.73 B23c 
Camping and its relation to the Nashville settlements. 
Year: 1935 
Call No: T 712.73 L91c 
Melodic and rhythmic structure of Korean folk tunes. 
Year: 1962 
Call No: T 781.7519 R41m 
Study of the factors involved in the use of indigenous music in the Christian church in Africa south of the Sahara. 
Year: 1957 
Call No: T 781.796 K11s