New Arrivals

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Study of the college student organization of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. 
Year: 1937 
Call No: T 377 W36s 
Experiment in a planned economy of social welfare in Nashville, Tennessee. 
Year: 1937 
Call No: T 361.2 E26e 
Community survey of a factory district in Nashville, Tennessee. 
Year: 1931 
Call No: T 331.82 W97c 
Opportunities for the development of men's work in the settlements of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. 
Year: 1934 
Call No: T 331.8 W91o 
Handbook for the beginning girls' worker in the settlement. 
Year: 1933 
Call No: T 331.8 R96h 
Place of the settlement in workers' education. 
Year: 1940 
Call No: T 361.4 B51p 
Institutional care of dependent children in Denver. 
Year: 1929 
Call No: T 362.7 D71i 
Study of the care of children in institutions in Davidson County, Tennessee. 
Year: 1928 
Call No: T 362.7 P37s 
Juvenile court of Nashville Tennessee. 
Year: 1925 
Call No: T 364 P61j 
Study of the families of persistent juvenile offenders in Nashville, Tennessee--1937. 
Year: 1938 
Call No: T 364.3 M15s