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Comparative study of the literature of the Nashville, Tennessee senior high schools and the Sunday school literature of the Senior Department of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. 
Year: 1934 
Call No: T 377.1 M14c 
Comparison of the materials for beginner age in six leading denominations. 
Year: 1931 
Call No: T 377.1 V31c 
Discipline and character development. 
Year: 1938 
Call No: T 377.2 C64d 
Comparative study of the programs of the Boy Scouts, the Camp Fire Girls, and the intermediate department of the church school. 
Year: 1937 
Call No: T 377.2 S81c 
Outline of a course in religion designed for use in departments of religion in standard senior colleges. 
Year: 1930 
Call No: T 377.8 B77o 
Christian education of the Spanish-speaking parent in Ybor City, Florida. 
Year: 1938 
Call No: T 377.8 D54c 
Suggested curriculum for college freshmen. 
Year: 1928 
Call No: T 377.8 O81s 
Critical evaluation of the literature for the first year junior of the Graded International Sunday School Lessons. 
Year: 1927 
Call No: T 377.8 T36c 
Evaluation of the program of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South in promoting religious education in the home. 
Year: 1929 
Call No: T 377.876 C31e 
Evaluation of the religious education program of the Waverly Place Methodist Church. 
Year: 1931 
Call No: T 377.876 D26e