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Survey of rural recreation in selected areas in Madison County, Alabama. 
Year: 1938 
Call No: T 790 A45s 
Drama in religious education. 
Year: 1933 
Call No: T 792 C62d 
Teaching of history in secondary schools as a means of character education. 
Year: 1927 
Call No: T 907 L42t 
Analysis of the Chinese-Malay aspect of communalism in Malaya. 
Year: 1957 
Call No: T 959.5 W68a 
Cajans of Mobile County, Alabama. 
Year: 1935 
Call No: T 976.1 M97c 
Church in an area of transition : a study of thirteen north Nashville churches. 
Year: 1944 
Call No: T 976.855 C77c 
Seven years of the Good Neighbor policy in Latin America 1933-1940. 
Year: 1940 
Call No: T 980 C77s 
Religious education of young children in the home. 
Year: 1927 
Call No: T 377 W72r 
Teaching religion to intermediates by the use of stories. 
Year: 1925 
Call No: T 377 W77 
Introduction to the construction of a curriculum in Bible for mission schools. 
Year: 1931 
Call No: T 377.1 L66i