Covenant life curriculum Response : The Church in Mission to a World in Crisis

Cogswell ( James A. )
Publication Year
The CLC Press, United States 
160 pages 
The "mission" must be at the heart of the church's life; if the Church itself is to survive. This book is a challenge to the renewed commitment to the mission Christ has given to his Church. 
Contents: 1. The world that confronts the church -- A troubled layman looks at the shape of the world -- Do we have any choice about being mission-minded? -- The impact of Christian mission upon the shape of the world -- Our drastically changed and changing world -- The world provides the agenda for the church in mission -- 2. The church in mission to the world of emerging nations -- Focus: Africa south of the Sahara -- Witness and disintegrating tribal cultures -- Can mankind overcome the crisis of race? -- 3. The church in mission to the world of ancient faiths -- Focus: North Africa; the Middle East -- Focus: South and southeast Asia -- Focus: East Asia -- Witness among resurgent religions -- War against masses or war against misery? -- 4. The church in mission to the world of predominant Roman Catholicism -- Focus: Latin America -- Witness alongside Roman Catholicism -- Can haves and have-nots find an answer together? -- 5. The church in mission to the world of threatening Communism -- Focus: Russia and Eastern Europe -- Focus: China and its Asian allies -- Witness under Communism -- Mutual annihilation, co-existence-or what? -- 6. The church is mission to the world of increasing secularism -- Focus: Western Europe --
Focus: North America -- Witness within secularism -- Can man survive in the world he is creating? -- 7. What prospect for the Christian mission?  
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