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Nickname Name Country Action
Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women  (1st : 1837 : New York, N.Y.)  US  Browse 
Convocation of Methodist Theological Faculties  (1st : 1959 : Nashville)  US  Browse 
International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women  (1st : 1976 : Brussels, Belgium)  BE  Browse 
Interracial Consultation on the Southern Church and Race Relations  (2nd : 1960 : College of the Bible)  US  Browse 
Freedom of Information Conference  (8th : 1965 : University of Missouri)  US  Browse 
Task Group on the History of the Central Jurisdiction Women's Organization  (Cincinnati, Ohio)  US  Browse 
Methodist Youth Conference  (December 30, 1947-January 2, 1948 : Cleveland)  US  Browse 
Women’s Rights Project  (Human Rights Watch)  US  Browse 
Kathleen J. Crane Foundation  (Korea)  KR  Browse 
St. Luke United Methodist Church  (Lake Charles, La.). United Methodist Women  US  Browse